Bulk x10 Tablet Shipper Carton & Insert


Bulk x10 Tablet Shipper Carton & Insert

Bulk x10 Tablet Shipper Carton & Insert

Bulk x10 Tablet Shipper Carton & Insert

Suitable for the following devices and others of similar sizes:

Apple iPad 1
Apple iPad 2
Apple iPad 3
Apple iPad 4
Apple iPad Mini 1
Apple iPad Mini 2
Apple iPad Mini 3
Apple iPad Mini 4
Apple iPad Air 1
Apple iPad Air 2
Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch
Apple iPad 10.5 Pro
Apple iPad Mini 2019
Apple iPad 2017
Apple iPad 2018
Apple iPad 2019
Apple iPad 10.2 2020
Apple iPad Air 2019
Apple iPad Air 2020
Apple iPad Pro 9.7 2016
Apple iPad Pro 9.7 2018
Apple iPad Pro 11 2018
Apple iPad pro 11 2020
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2018
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2020
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 2019
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 2019
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 2020

Orders will be dispatching Week Ending 18th 

Our Bulk tablet x10 shipper sets are designed to be used in conjunction with our proprietary antistatic foam Tablet bags. Tablets are placed into the protective foam bag before being inserted into the individual cell. Each Bulk tablet shipper carton will securely hold up to 10 tablets within a protective 'grid insert' fitting. These Tablet shipper cartons combined with our anti-static foam bags provide an excellent method of protection to Tablets during transit.

We have designed the Bulk tablet x10 shipper to hold all sizes of tablets from small 7" inch tablets and Pocket E-readers such as Apple iPad Mini and Kindle fire up to large tablets such as Apple iPad, Toshiba Folio tablet, Microsoft Surface tablet and Samsung Galaxy tablets.

Constructed from Narrow-wall double flute, super rigid grade corrugated board.  The inner flaps of our Bulk Tablet x10 shipper cartons have pre punched handholes for ease of handling while the carton is being filled with devices.
Both the inner division insert and the handset shipper carton are constructed from minimum 80% recycled cardboard and can be fully recycled.
The outer panels of the carton are printed with suitable shipping markings including: Recycle logo, Handle with care, No Knife, This way up and the mandatory Lithium Ion battery shipping marks.

  • Carton external size: 320 x 258 x 200mm
  • Carton internal size: 316 x 250 x 194mm
  • Max Tablet size (Individual Cell size): 287 x194  x 21mm (10 cells per carton)
  • Format: 10 cells per individual Bulk Tablet Shipper carton plus protective buffer cells.

The artwork on our Tablet shipping cartons includes the mandatory Dangerous goods bulk battery shipping markings in Black, Red & White as specified by IATA Guidelines.


Quantity Price
1-49 £3.61
50-99 £3.42
100-249 £3.33
250-499 £3
500-999 £2.69
1000+ £2.4
Quantity Required

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