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Device and Case Customisation

Cellpak offers a device personalisation and customisation service that adds significant value and uniqueness to personal electronic devices and also protective cases.

We take a standard mobile phone, mobile tablet or MP3 player and add your unique design or logo using laser engraving to create a truly one off product: great for charities, corporate gifts or niche retail.

For limited edition devices or product identification, we can add serial numbering directly onto the device or onto a plaque fixed to the unit.  For leather cases, we offer embossing, debossing and we can inlay coloured foils or even precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.

Our full colour printing service will reproduce durable high quality designs directly onto metal, plastic, rubber, leather and other materials.

Product Range

Laser Engraved Mobile Phone, Tablet, iPad

Laser Engraved Mobile Phone, Tablet, iPad

Add Unique Serial Numbers and Logos

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