Black Smartphone Pulp Insert Tray: Standard


Black Smartphone Pulp Insert Tray: Standard

Black Smartphone Pulp Insert Tray: Standard

Suitable for the following devices and others of similar sizes:

Apple iPhone 4
Apple iPhone 4s
Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5c
Apple iPhone 5s
Apple iPhone SE
Apple iPhone 3

Our C.A.D designed Standard Smartphone moulded pulp insert, now in black, comprehensively incorporates all conventional Smaller to Meduim size smartphone mobile handsets.

The handset cavity is formed in our registered "cross" design format, allowing multiple device footprints to share the same insert allowing maximum diversity. The angled walls of our smart phone pulp insert have been designed to allow the smallest to the largest smartphones to sit squarely and securely within the insert tray while the mains power supply, user guide, battery and other accessories are held neatly below in special cavities formed by the extended inner fittings of the smartphone carton.

The quality of the moulded pulp material is comparable to that used in the mobile phone inserts used by original mobile phone equipment manufacturers and is constructed of 100% recycled material which is biodegradable and fully recyclable.

Standard - Suitable for iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s handsets and most classic candy bar handset and small size smartphones 

Maximim Handset Dimensions:

  • Mini Insert Tray: 125 x 65 x 20mm
  • Standard Insert Tray: 131 x 72 x 20mm
  • Oversize Insert Tray: 145 x 75 x 25mm

Quantity Price
1-499 23p
500-999 21p
1000-2499 20p
2500-4999 19p
5000+ 17p
Quantity Required
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