ECO-GRIP Environmental Mailers

ECO-GRIP™ Burrito the low cost mailer designed to support Handset and Tablet Recycling, Insurance Repair and Device Trade-in via mail. Designed to securely hold a mobile handset or tablet in a Lightweight, Durable and Protective packet designed for low cost outbound and inbound mailing. Designed to conform to worldwide regulations concerning the mailing of devices containing a Lithium-ion battery. The device is held securely in position within the Burrito mailer and is protected by the patented pack design. The rigid outer cardboard sleeve prevents the device from being activated in transit whilst protecting against accidental damage.

ECO-GRIP™ Burrito has step by step instructions printed on the inside of the pack itself, making it simple for a consumer to package up and mail a Mobile phone.

ECO-GRIP™ Burrito contains no nasty plastics and is manufactured from minimum 50% recycled paper. It is fully recyclable in domestic and commercial recycling schemes.

ECO-GRIP™ Burrito Handset Mailer is size optimised for iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note all versions as well as other smaller smartphones.

ECO-GRIP™ Burrito for Mobile Handsets and Tablets will fit into a flat A4 envelope for ease of outbound mailing.

Visi-Grip Handset v.5 with Cable only

Product Range

ECO-GRIP™ Burrito Mobile Handset Mailer

ECO-GRIP™ Burrito Mobile Handset Mailer

ECO-GRIP™ Burrito Mobile Handset Mailer

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